Monday, May 17, 2010

Some Show Preparations.

After I got accepted to my summer shows, I notice on every application the EMPHASIS on weights for your tent. You are not allowed to even set up or participate in the show unless you have a 40 lbs weight attached to each leg of your tent.
Before I attended my first weekend, I thought this rule was annoying and inconvenient. I have to carry around an extra 160 lbs to all of my shows? Lame.

But then came the wind. 

At the SOWA show this weekend, the wind was so tough, I was so appreciative of the fact that they made you build weights. The way the tents are built, they would act exactly like a kite without the weights. I guess last year in Providence, before this rule was enforced, someone's tent actually punched through a windshield of a car after a strong gust of wind.

As you can see, the directions were to fill PVC piping with concrete and then attach hardware to make them portable and hang-able.  
Below are two chemicals that were used to both prime and bond the cap to the piping so that the concrete wouldn't affect the binding.

I'm sure many of you have never seen these bottles, because neither have I. Evan my boyfriend was the mastermind behind this operation, and apparently he had made enough potato guns in his lifetime to know exactly how to build and use these chemicals. Silly.

Here is the hardware used on top to attach to the tents. Once the cement was poured, these were hammered down around the top and bonded into place.

The smaller image is once they were filled, capped and bonded. And to the larger image are all four completed and flipped upside down to ensure the drying of the cement.
Glad that was over with, and REALLY glad I had them during the show. Thanks Evan.

Love and Light,
Sarah Anne.

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