Sunday, April 25, 2010

Daily April 21, 2010 Doodle.

Now that I've graduated college, I have such a hard time finding a minute to do my daily sketch in my sketchbook.

It used to be obsessive. 
At school I used to finish a sketchbook front to back in a month tops.
THAT's a lot of doodles.

I'm really going to make a strong effort to keep up the hard work with it, they are the most important possessions I own. Some people find it easier to write their feelings and where they are in their lives, it was always just much easier for me to draw it.
And with ideas, I need to sit on projects for days. Drawing something over and over until it clicks. The longer you problem solve, the more successful the finished product.

Here is a sketch I did for fun on Wednesday. This is what I did during the day.

I really missed subconscious free hand, unplanned drawing. It's a great exercise to just start with an object and just go with it. The final product will always amaze you. Because I've been so serious about getting ready for my shows (FIRST ONE MAY 15TH and 16th), I really need to find time to just do art for arts sake.

But on a more professional level, here are some show related illustrations I've been doodling away on.

Here is the line work for some of the hand drawn illustrations I am producing for my shows. I really want the cohesive appearance of my booth to have a hand drawn, hand created and personal feel to it. Every sign will be hand drawn and digitally colored. Then they will be placed inside of some funky fresh frames I have found on my journeys, to show consumers the cost of the products. 

And here's one for fun...
The inside cover of my sketch book.

Always makes me smile, hope you do too.

Love and Light,
Sarah Anne.