Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Birth Gift.

A few years ago, a family heirloom surfaced,
 and caught my immediate attention.

As a birth gift for my father, my grandparents bought a 1950's german Telefunken Sonata console. 

Over time, it wasn't provided proper care and slowly moved its way into family's basements to be forgotten about.

When the Sonata made it's way back to my house through chance, I fell in love.

The inside wiring had been eaten away by mice, the wood finish was chipping off with glaring missing areas and the fabric on the front was water stained. 

But all I could see was it's potential.

My mother suggested gutting it and turning it into a planter. I shuttered at the thought of destroying this amazing piece of history.. even though it was a good idea.

I researched online for weeks trying to see if I could get this restored. I just couldn't see it go to waste another minute.

I located one of two men in the country that could restore a dinosaur such as the Sonata, one luckily happened to reside in Connecticut.. a days drive away.

He was blown away by the piece.

After an hour explanation about the history and the construction (the man loved him some radios), he ended the conversation saying, "They just don't make stuff like this anymore. Once this machine is restored, it will outlive us all."

Crazy to think about.

This is one of my treasured possessions. 

It's history, it's story and longevity makes me smile.
I knew I was responsible for giving it another lifetime, and I look forward to enjoying her for many years to come.

Love and Light,
Sarah Anne.