Thursday, July 28, 2011

Table Topper.

A project for a tired eye.
An inspirational kitchen table.

The blank canvas.

When I am trying to portray a mood or a feel, I'm a firm believer in "go big or go home."

This table is supposed to reflect me, things I love and want to be surrounded with...
so naturally, it's gonna be loud.

This is the table cloth I chose. 
BRIGHT, loud and playful. The perfect under painting.

These are the elements that I wanted to blend into my plant collection.
These are all treasures I hold dear to my heart, that I wanted on display on my kitchen table.

Some may ask, "Why your kitchen table?" (Along with my roommates because they are wondering where they are supposed to eat).

My defense is, you can't help where the sun shines in your apartment!
So, we will dine with the plants! :)

A huge advantage in having a brightly lit area to make plants happy?

BUY REFLECTIVE ANYTHING. (Like you see above).
This little Marshall's $10 buy, not only matched the table cloth,
but looks STUNNING during magic hour when the sun is setting.

My favorite time of day.

HERE you can see some dish-ware I have had for quite sometime.
It is a transparent green dish, that is not used as much for dining as I would like.

if I can teach you anything on my blog its this..

PLEASE don't let the understood use of a known object restrict you from seeing the range of it's possibilities. 

The beautiful dish, flipped upside down served as a cohesive element to elevate the focal point of the table display. 

From here (the top right of the composition), I started to build. 

The left hand side, these two decretive elements are something I highly recommend.

The Bud Vase.

Why? Because they are interesting on their own without floral in them. Easy either way.

Surprise guests coming over last minute and you want to spruce your place up on a low budget? (Look great with sparse floral).

Budget too tight for floral money in your home/apartment?

This is what I do.

I put a dried arrangement into the vases.

Similar to a picture, I used dried flowers to remember an event or moment I want to carry with me.

I let the live product hang upside down on my wall until completely dried, to then use as an interchangeable decretive element. 

These were flowers I bought myself the first week I moved into my new apartment last year.
I have 5 bouquets hanging in my room currently.

This little section is one of my first Brimfield finds of the July session.
Here you see a wooden element I purchased with three holes. 

It's purpose,
serve Fiestaware dish-ware on this element to your guests.

I picked 2 up.
One for a plant stand, the other for a tape sculpture.

This is another Brimfield buy. A chartreuse green bud vase, by the Fiestaware company.

Holding an air plant of mine (so cool, easy to take care of, and they come in tons of varieties).

The final product.
Click on photo to see a close up image.
Lots of love and stories in this collective group of things.

This white bust is a new phase of mine.
When antiquing etc, I have been drawn to the human figure.. especially bust forms.

One of my favorite Art Deco stores is located in North Kingstown, RI. Once a month I will pop in and see what they have been up to.

When I saw this white bust, I fell in love.
My brother surprised me with it for my birthday last April.

I think it is important to express yourself in your living space.
While decor is an obvious expression, your living habits can be very telling.

Do yourself a favor and buy a living thing.
Plants can be the most therapeutic experience.

Learn what it likes and what it wants.
How they grow and blossom is the most fascinating and rewarding feeling.

In my mind, they deserve the kitchen table :)

Love and Light,
Sarah Anne.