Monday, May 17, 2010

Inventory for May 15th, 16th shows.

Now THAT was a crazy week.
Sorry I've been so out of touch, but between preparing, cutting, gluing, packing, stubbing, rolling and all the other various things I do, I just had no time to post these amazing pictures.
It's truly wonderful for me to be able to see all of this product that was completed for you, and know that I loved every minute of it. I love what I do.

First are sets of 5 of some of the inventory of flowers I created for the show.
I have about 30 remaining from the existing 40, and I am going to post them on Etsy later today.
They are created with vintage buttons hand selected from local antique dealers in the Rhode Island area. So happy I found a use for all those buttons I had been collecting over the years, it was getting a little ridiculous!

Set 1-5

Set 6-10

Set 11-15

Set 16-20

Set 21-25

Set 26-30

Next was my snowflake series.
On the back of each box I had this inscription describing the purpose of this 15 piece idea.

"Scientist W.A Bentley, who dedicated his life to discover a way to take pictures of solitary snowflakes before melting, inspired this 15 piece series. Over decades of study, he did indeed prove that there are no two snowflakes alike.
In this series, I wanted to show the versatility of one roll of tape, similar to the complexity of the snowflakes. Each box is filled with a tape sculpture that is unique and one of a kind, 
just like you."

Here are the existing 8, although 4 were sold during this past weekend.

My "Abacus" box, SOLD.

"Divided" for sale.

"Third times a Charm" SOLD.

"Black Box" SOLD.

"Tall Three" SOLD.

So here is a minor update, more to come today. I guess they were right when they say success comes in waves, because I am riding one right now!

Love and Light,
Sarah Anne.

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