Friday, April 30, 2010

Tape Sculptures, The Fabric Series.

Tape, Tape and MORE tape.
For all of you wondering out there, no I no longer have finger prints. They have officially been rolled off.

So here are my most recent explorations of tape.
Below was a very strong bee hive influence, using a thinner tape that usual.
3/4 of an inch vs. and inch.
It created much smaller, honey comb like rolls.
It will be sold at the shows for $70.

Next are two antique box explorations I completed this week. By always traveling to local consignment and antique stores, I'm always coming across interesting shapes to work inside of. I like the one to the right, I feel like the motif was successful and I plan to further that concept in other boxes. They both will run $40 a piece. 

And below are my pride and joys. The Fabric Series.
Only 8 completed so far, but they are floating tape sculptures boosted on top of vintage fabrics to add a small flare of color to these monochromatic beauties. 
They are truly stunning in person and they will be on sale at my upcoming shows.
They will run $60 a piece.

Been slacking on keeping this up to date. Now especially because my first show is MAY 15TH!!! I really have to get production moving full swing. I feel like I am in good shape but because I have never had a show before, I have no idea what position is "in good shape".
I'll have to keep you all posted on that.

Love and Light,
Sarah Anne.