Monday, June 27, 2011

Sarah Wanna Doodle All Day: June.

Here are some snippets of some doodles 
that have been created the past month or so.

Not as much as I'd like, but I'm drawing again and that's all that matters to me!!

I tend to stick to black fountain pen with slightly distorted line drawings, complimented by shadowing and funky ornament.

I like to study objects for minutes at a time, see the shapes and the shadows that they are made of, and then draw them without reference to create a completely unique look. 

I also use fonts as a huge part of my thought process.

Believe it or not, if I don't feel stimulated reading font, I don't want to read it at all.
In my sketchbooks, most of my "to-do" lists and thoughts are written in an interesting way, or else I will completely ignore them all together. 

I can't help but feel like with all of the gifts I have been given in this lifetime,
I have whatever I could ever desire right at my fingertips.

My imagery of my sketches and fonts often relate to my current state of mind.

If you are a doodler and a sketchbook keeper, do yourself a favor and

You'll be so happy you did.

Plus, it's really fun to look back and see where you were, mentally, stylistically and skill wise.

The last image is of my latest obsession, MY NEW APARTMENT.

I move in September 1st,
 which is light years away for me since it's all I think about!

But in the meantime as you can see I have been sketching my antique pieces I have been collecting, and figuring out where I could see them fitting.

In the next few weeks I think I might do a post on some of the finds I have scored (you have all seen my 1950's record player),
I love them all!

And the sketches will only get more intense.
Can't wait until September.

Love and Light,
Sarah Anne.