Thursday, June 3, 2010

Suitcase Photography Finished Business Card.

So about a month ago a dear friend of mine, Ashley Knowles, AMAZING photographer approached me about doing a business card for her.
So excited, I obviously accepted the assignment.

About a month ago, you saw the first sketches after our discussion of what she wanted...
but here is a refresher.

So last week, we met in person. After many giggles and reminiscing about childhood stories, we got down to business.

Ashley liked example three the best, the graphic and also the font.
I applauded Ashley for wanting a graphic for her business vs. a photograph, because that in and of itself will make her stand out in her industry.

We spoke about all of the many subtleties of her card, and the image she wanted to portray to her customers. Here are the many notes we took..

I think that this is important to include in my blog/process of this assignment because I really want to give people a feel of what exactly goes into branding a client. Every subtlety of a card is important.

So after our meeting, I created the final.

PHEW! Totally different huh? Well it was really great to be able to meet with Ashley and get a MUCH better idea of what she wanted. She wanted a very vintage travel look to her work (I had a blast finding the old travel stickers) and she wanted more personality to the suitcase. Which I totally agreed with.

For invoices, she also needed a letterhead..

Once I established the suitcase, it was very easy for me to make the card a cohesive brand/idea with the coffee stains, leather and font. I had a blast.

And she loved it!

What a rewarding assignment for me to complete for such an amazing young woman.

Love and Light,
Sarah Anne.