Friday, April 9, 2010

The Firefly series.

So because of the name Lucchiola, which means firefly in italian, I decided to start creating some items to fit the brand.
Here was the preliminary sketches relating to this idea.
(sorry about he quality, my scanner doesn't like my 10x10 sketchbook)

So here you can see that I wanted to have my tent surrounded by christmas lights that were converted into fireflies. Novel idea, except most of the venues I will be selling at this year do not provide electricity.


So plan B.
Try to create individual fireflies that appear to be glowing due to coloration, but make the butts out of recycled bulbs. I have collected and purchased bulbs of all shapes and size to create these cute bulbs, and I've created a series of three characters... although the third will be finished by tomorrow-monday I hope.

That's a lot of butts.

These characters are meant to be purchased for someone that
"Lights up your Life..."
(matching stationary to come).

Anyways, this is Lucy. She is the lowest price point, $15.

She is created from recycled christmas bulbs, wire, clay, tissue paper and beads.

With her size and personality, she is created to be either a hanging fixture from your car's rearview, hanging in front of a sunny window or even a christmas ornament. 

Next, and my personal favorite is Bertha.


Bertha was created with a larger, more round bulb that I believe to be more suitable for either or window hanging or ideally a christmas ornament.
Bertha will be sold at $25 a piece.
I love this character because it's the most true to the illustrations I draw of fireflies, similar to the ones found in my logo.

The last character is Dexter. He will be appearing in the near future, so stay tuned.

Love and Light y'all,
Sarah Anne.