Sunday, July 17, 2011

Colors of the Month: June/July.

In a previous post, you will see that I have shared a picture similar to these before.

I have decided to conduct an experiment.

I decided that once a month I would take an Aura Picture,
to see how I am changing spiritually for a year (maybe this is an ongoing project).

While I would go into great detail about what the colors mean as I had done prior,
I believe that they are also up to your own personal interpretation.

Colors mean and represent different things to different people.
And although, these pictures came with color definitions... I like what I see without reading what it means.

I have three pictures and it is so interesting
 to see the transition thus far.

The woman who read my picture after was shocked by how strong my Aura was.
It's getting stronger, as you can see, you can barely see my face.

With every month, I feel as if I am growing more and more into the young woman and artist I have always wanted to be.

Love and Light,
Sarah Anne.