Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's been awhile friends.

Hello friends.
How I have missed you very much. I have also greatly missed documenting my life as an artist day to day. Sometimes is tough to just take a minute for yourself and slow down.
I had hoped this chaotic month would end on a good note. And I can honestly say it has, looking back on June.

All in the month of June, since we last spoke, I have..
Moved to a new city and into a new apartment for the first time in my life.
Started a brand new job (the first out of college) and also learning a completely new and exciting industry. Visual Merchandising. 
 Trying to figure out a new city, new environment and how the hell to get from here to there.
Being financially independent for the first time in my life.
Actively keeping a dream journal (first time I've ever just stopped talking about wanting to do it and finally documenting.)
Still keeping up with my drawing skills and doodling in a sketch book at work for notes and any spare minute I have..

And most importantly, where and how to find the time to create my own art.

After having almost three weeks under my belt at my new job, I found out today I will be transfered from the Natick store to the Boston store. Right in Copley Place. 
I am so excited. 

I am learning so much about design and visual merchandising, it is just boggling my mind.
I feel like in this lifetime, I have this insatiable desire to learn as much as I can about art and design. I want to learn it all.

This job is not only serving as a vehicle to really teach me the basics about visuals, but also has really heightened my creativity in a whole new way.
I can't walk into a store or a space without analyzing it. The colors, shapes, heights, textures, smells, negative space, interaction, depth.. I could go on and on. I feel like I am seeing it all, and in a very fast and almost frantic way.
My mind is just eating it all up.

I am a firm believer in the fact that every experience you have or walk away from, gives you the tools you will need for the bigger picture.
Everything does happen for a reason, and it's amazing to see how what you learn and what "tools" you acquire, can be applied to life later on down the line. 

I felt like today was a big day for me, I felt like I was taking another step towards my destiny.

Love and Light,
Sarah Anne.