Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Wonderful World of Tape.

So here are some other projects I have been chipping away at.
To further carry on the light theme, you should see the beautiful contrast of these babies when they have a strong light source. 
Below is the 8.5x11 shadow box.                                                  

Here is a picture of all of my smaller scaled sculptures waiting for a home. Appox 6x6 inches.
My boyfriend was amazing enough to help me create 20 shadow boxes for each one to go into, if only I could just get the energy to finish them all! Stare at it long enough, you'll go cross eyed.

I promise.

Well you have seen the lower price points, I believe each sculpture will go for about $50. But my antiquing bug is where the higher price points come into play. Some are listed on my ETSY sight, but they are much better to purchase and experience in person.

I like to find old boxes, whether they be old typographer drawers, old planters or even soda boxes to hold my tape rolls. I had tried for years to figure out where these belonged until I found the typographers drawers. Time consuming, but simply stunning when hung.

All are sprayed with a polyurethane and protective sealant to protect from dust.
Learned that the hard way.
To clean over time, just use one of those computer cleaners, you know, the ones that rocket air out. That will get the job done.

Hope you enjoyed tape-mania.

Love and Light,
Sarah Anne.