Monday, July 18, 2011

July Brimfield BANDIT.

It was hot.
 I was melting. 
But I walked away a winner.

Brimfield 2011, Round 2.

Here is what I saw.

A beautifully mosaic tile with glass fired at a low enough temperature to adhere the glass to the tile, but not hot enough to make it melt completely.
The colors ranged from a royal blue to a cadmium yellow.

My current obsession of the moment, been spotting them a lot lately.
These porcelain hands were used as molds when sewing leather gloves.

They range in all sizes and styles, I'm still looking for the perfect one to add sticking out of a planting one day.

Forget having these things holding my jewelry, I would need 20.

Indian spice bowls. Beautifully painted, all using a deep red accent. Very alluring.

Another big trend I spotted during the July round were old tin tiles used for ceilings. As you can see above, all of the styles were available as if they were records, overwhelming you with character. 

Below you can see how the larger found panels were then changed into a hang able piece of artwork, supports and wire attached to the back. These would be gorgeous if done in a high to low light area (SHADOWS!).

Was not crazy about the mirrors. Used the tins as the frame to a full length or wall mirror.
A little tacky for me.

I will always, always, be a sucker for Amber lighting.

Frogs in all shapes and sizes! 
I have seen these used in many ways, but being used as a toothpick holder or a flower vase are my favorite.


First of all. Wow.

The colors, the movement, the character, the drama, the shape. I NEEDED it.
The owner told me that it was an old movie panel, made to dress up the sides of the screen before and after showings. 

Below is the other 3/4.
But I really just liked it as a 1/4. Much more drama.

If I had the $300 for it and a way to get that huge thing home, I would have put it on it's side horizontally and had it running down my hallway.


The sky on the ride home.

I walked away from Brimfield this year with 4 large boxes for my new tape project (it's a big deal!!!), a six foot tall white iron and glass shelved plant stand for my new apartment, and a tiny Fiesta ware chartreuse flower vase.

For $90.

Love and Light,
Sarah Anne.