Friday, June 11, 2010

Syracuse Poster Project Winner, A Year Later.

So it's been a year since the Syracuse 2009 Poster Project.

For all of you newer friends, I completed my BFA in Illustration from Syracuse University.
One of the requirements senior year was to enter the Syracuse Poster Project that was intended to promote local establishments, artists and poets.

The assignment was to pick a Haiku out of a box (written by a local poet, about a local establishment), and create an original 11x17 illustration of the written words.

Many entered, but the winners were selected to get their images blown up to kiosk size and displayed throughout all of downtown Syracuse.

My Haiku read,
"At Alto Cinco, Do as the bartender says, Pinot Grigio"
(Alto Cinco was a local Mexican Restaurant in Syracuse that had a great wine selection).

Here was the final illustration.
The boarder pattern was an imitation of the tin ceilings they had, accompanied by their wonderful chips.

The reason I am bringing up an accomplishment from over a year ago, was because I heard from them today.

They said out of all of the posters chosen to be sold over the past year, mine sold the most copies.
Also I wanted to give both Roger DeMuth (a mentor and teacher of mine) and James Emmons some publicity about their project.

Every year Roger and James put together a great collection of posters to promote the arts throughout the Syracuse area, I wish there were more people like them.

Please check out this years winners, and also if you are in a place to do so, feel free to donate to a great cause.

Thank you Jim and thank you Roger for the notification about my prints, and keep up the great work. Best of luck!

Love and Light,
Sarah Anne.

Tape Jewelry IN PROGRESS!

So here she is!

Little by little I have been plugging away on this project, and boy she hasn't been an easy nut to crack. I have problem solved, redesigned, tested and applied these rolls in so many ways... and finally I'm getting somewhere!

So first HUGE problem... getting the tape to a functional size for wearing purposes. So that means that they need to be cut. I tried initially by hand but that was the most awful experience I have had with tape so far.

So I moved onto the big boys, A SAW. While my parents looked on with fear and confusion as to why their accident prone daughter was using a band saw, I assured them that everything would be fine.

Secretly, being scared out of my mind to use this monster, I just started cutting away.

Here is the army of tape waiting to be cut, to then be worn by you!
Phew. Just got dizzy looking at them all.

Another fun tape shot (I am just in love with the shadows).

The next big issue was, now that they were the right size... how do you make them functional and reliable for everyday use. Considerations to take into mind are wear and tear, water resistant, all that good stuff.
If I am going to sell a product I want to 100% ensure it's quality.

So I started researching everywhere.
Then came the resin cups.
By using resin cups, I could cut the tape to size, glue it inside of these functional findings for jewelry, to later treat for wear and tear.

Here they are in the process of cutting and fitting.

And here is a close up of the jewelry in progress (still haven't been treated to make wearable). SO EXCITING!
I am really, really trying to get these together for my next show July 3rd in Newport, Rhode Island... but it's going to be a stretch.

In other news, I just got a job! 

I will be working in the Natick Mall in Massachusetts for Neiman Marcus. I will be working on a team in store for their visual department. 
I am so excited.

But with this new responsibility, comes relocating, dedicating 40 hours a week and still trying to pursue my dream.

I know I can do it. I find I get the best ideas when in the middle of chaos.
After all, "from chaos, comes clarity."

SO please excuse me in the next few weeks if I am not totally on top of updating all of you as to the most current of my work. As you can see, life is going to get pretty crazy.
But, crazy in a great way.

Wish me luck, and I hope you like what you are seeing of the jewelry!!

Love and Light,
Sarah Anne.