Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Work in Progress.

Looked back on some of my previous work I have posted and realized I have never put up a work in progress with my tape.
At my last show I had some inquiries about my larger pieces contained by the antique typographer drawers. They are beautiful focal pieces of a room, especially over a mantle (with that extreme light source, to die for!) While I love doing my tape in all shapes and sizes, the larger more expensive price points I have the most fun with.

I still have some work to do, with some smaller rolls to create the illusion of denser areas. Also to really give a strong feeling of motion and weight.

 I was laughing to myself as I was doing this project today with the intentions of documenting it, because of my difficulty focusing on ANYTHING ELSE once I begin a project. 

As I laid the first five rolls down I had to make a conscious effort to keep stopping and taking a picture of my progression. There is something about these forms, these shadows and the attention to space and distribution that is so attractive to me I just get lost in the piece.

Probably another few hours left in her until completion.
Off to Providence for date night :)

Love and Light,
Sarah Anne.

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